Evaluating grammar materials

What are the main criteria for evaluating the grammar tasks we give out to our students? What can we do to make the activities more effective? Here are 7 points to consider when selecting grammar activities for the EFL classroom Does the activity serve the overall purpose of our lesson?     Depending on our lesson’sContinue reading “Evaluating grammar materials”

The role of inductive grammar learning in the EFL classroom

How can we effectively use inductive learning in our EFL grammar lessons? Here are the main advantages of learning by discovery and some key points to consider when designing inductive grammar activities for our language classroom.       “Inductive learning means that examples are encountered before rules are inferred; deductive learning means that rules are presentedContinue reading “The role of inductive grammar learning in the EFL classroom”

Planning effective grammar lessons

How can we boost learner motivation when introducing a new grammar structure to our EFL students? Here are 7 tips on successfully planning our grammar lessons in order to promote language acquisition Choosing the appropriate lesson framework      Depending on our lesson’s specific aims it is helpful to keep a framework in mind for ourContinue reading “Planning effective grammar lessons”

The role of grammar practice in foreign language learning

How can we design effective grammar practice activities that foster learning and encourage successful communication in the target language? Here are 7 tips on promoting our learners’ understanding of the newly introduced TL grammar structures through meaningful practice The role of grammar practice: what do we want to achieve?     Grammar practice has been traditionallyContinue reading “The role of grammar practice in foreign language learning”

The role of ‘noticing’ in grammar teaching

When is noticing successful? What methods can we use to bring a certain grammatical structure to our students’ attention? Here are 7 tips for effective grammar teaching in the EFL classroom The importance of noticing in successful language learning has been highlighted by many linguists and SLA researchers (Skehan, Long, Harmer, Thornbury). There seems toContinue reading “The role of ‘noticing’ in grammar teaching”

EXPLICIT AND IMPLICIT GRAMMAR TEACHING: 7 key points to consider when introducing new grammar to an EFL classroom

To what extent should we explicitly introduce new grammatical structures to our students? How can our learners benefit from implicit teaching? Here are 7 key points to consider when introducing a new grammatical structure in an EFL classroom Meaningful context     Grammar practice is most effective when it is meaningful and contextualized. Grammar should notContinue reading “EXPLICIT AND IMPLICIT GRAMMAR TEACHING: 7 key points to consider when introducing new grammar to an EFL classroom”

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